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Bhavesh Shah

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How can I know about the Tv Repair service benefits in Noida if I take it from NumberDekho?
To know about the Tv Repair service benefits in Noida, you can check the official website of NumberDekho.
Can NumberDekho offer me Tv Repair services with innovation and good equipment?
For sure! NumberDekho always makes sure whatever services you acquire through NumberDekho are excellent, innovative, precise, and clear and give you a completely satisfying experience.
How can I give feedback to the Tv Repair service vendors in Noida?
With the ratings and reviews feature at NumberDekho, you can easily give feedback on the Tv Repair service providers in Noida
What is the usual response time of vendors for Tv Repair service in Noida?
The vendor will respond to you within a few minutes when you start searching for Tv Repair service providers in Noida.
Why I should choose NumberDekho to acquire Tv Repair service in Noida.
NumberDekho ensures you acquire the best Tv Repair service in Noida from your nearest location. With quality and timely services, Numberdekho offers budget-freindly home services at feasible quotations.

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Noida, a bustling metropolis in the National Capital Region, epitomizes cutting-edge city dwellings with its towering skyscrapers, sprawling malls, and thriving enterprise districts. Amidst this fast-paced way of life, finding reliable domestic services can be a mission. However, NumberDekho has revolutionized how Noida citizens control their domestic protection desires. With our instantaneous home services in Noida, we've brought convenience and efficiency to the vanguard, ensuring that assistance is just a click away and enhancing the lifestyle of humans in Noida. 


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Accessing prompt domestic offerings may be challenging within the bustling metropolis of Noida, where time is of the essence. However, with NumberDekho, convenience is just a click away. Our platform ensures you acquire immediate assistance for all your home services in Noida at your doorstep. Whether it is a plumbing emergency, electric problem, appliance restoration, or domestic cleansing, our professional experts can address your requirements, saving you valuable time and effort.


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At NumberDekho, we preserve ourselves to the highest requirements of excellence. When you select our platform, you can rest confident that you may receive nothing quickly from the top-notch provider. Our experts are meticulously vetted to ensure certain expertise and reliability. From the instant service to its completion, we assure seamless enjoyment and attempt to exceed your expectations at every step. 


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Noida, a thriving metropolis in the National Capital Region, is renowned for its cutting-edge infrastructure, bustling business hubs, and vibrant cultural scene. From its sprawling shops to its lush, inexperienced parks, Noida offers various attractions and amenities for residents and traffic alike. With a hastily growing populace and increasing urban landscape, the call for convenient and dependable home offerings in Noida has been no better. NumberDekho is proud to cater to the wishes of Noida's dynamic network, offering progressive solutions to decorate the excellent of life for all.


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What sets NumberDekho aside is our unwavering commitment to patron pleasure and convenience. With our user-pleasant platform and spark-off service delivery, we intend to make home maintenance trouble-free for the citizens of Noida. Whether you're a busy professional, a homemaker, or everybody else, NumberDekho offers a continuing way to meet all your home provider wishes. Experience the NumberDekho distinction these days and discover a new standard of excellence in home offerings.

About Service


Enhance your TV viewing experience with NumberDekho. TVs play a significant role in our lives because of the age and era we live in daily; they have become an inevitable part necessary for entertainment, information, and connectivity. The emergence of LCD, LED, and OLED TVs has transformed the viewing aspect per technological progress. Nevertheless, these high-tech television sets will encounter problems with any modern electronic product. Whereas fast–paced TV images become blurry or flicker, and sound is cracky, it's not a pleasure to watch your favorite series without hassle yet saving a bunch of nerves. That's where professional LCD/LED/OLED TV services step in, offering services that allow you to work TV smoothly and quickly. 

Know Common LCD/LED/OLED TV Problems

LCD/LED/OLED TVs are marvels of modern technology, but they can encounter several common problems that may disrupt your viewing experience. 

1. Blur/Double/Flickering Image: Blurred, double, and flickering pictures can lead to poor image quality due to problems with the display panel or internal components.

2. Screen Goes Blank: A brightness issue, power supply trouble, or internal electronic component malfunction can occur when the television screen abruptly goes black, switching to wireless audio quietly.

3. TV Backlight Problem: Uneven backlighting may reduce the overall brightness level and uniformity and can spoil your credits.

4. Colour Issue: Calibration errors, faulty components, or signal problems may result in either poor color reproduction quality (i.e., the colors that are presented) or distortion.

5. Half/No Display: Flawed connections, damaged display panels, or internal circuitry problems may also result in a partially or completely blank screen.

6. Not Powering On: if your television does not switch on even though it is connected to a power source, it may indicate that there could be something wrong with the internal components, such as its power supply system or mainboard.

7. Lines On Startup/Picture Issue: Lines in the horizontal or vertical direction on the screen when interfacing with machine time of turning on the device and connecting content visualizations may manifest abnormal behavior display panel type or total interference signal.

8. Low Sound/No Sound Output/Sound Problem: Problems involving sound output, for example, low levels of volume, complex audio, or no apparent demonstrable skill in any way, could be caused by defective speakers; the said innovativeness' go about as channels and connections to outside gadgets.

9. Device Setup: Setting up external devices, including gaming consoles, Blu-ray players, or sound systems, to your television using a tricky enough procedure that should be done with a trained specialist’s help to achieve compatibility.

10. Buzz/Cracking Sound: Your TV speaker may produce irregular buzzing or crackling sounds, signaling hardware problems or electrical disturbances.

11. No Display Installation Uninstallation/Installation + Uninstallation: Professional help is desirable when setting up or removing your TV so that installation and disconnection can occur with correct mounting, wiring, checking circuit boards, etc, without damaging routinely. 

TV Services We Offer 

In NumberDekho, we handle a wide range of LCD/LED/OLED TV Services to sort out the more complicated issues and make it greater viewing satisfaction. Our services include:

  • TV Repair: Highly trained technicians diagnose and fix many routine issues of TVs to maximize their functionality.
  • TV Installation: Professional mount installation services to ensure your set is firmly mounted and has the right connections.
  • TV Calibration: Adjust picture and sound settings to improve resolution, color fidelity, and audio excellence.
  • TV Maintenance: Periodic checks for issues to prevent them from occurring and increase the lifespan of your television.
  • TV Upgrade: Help update to newer versions of TVs or add contemporary attributes/functions you already have.

Benefits of Taking LCD/LED/OLED TV Services From Us 

When you choose NumberDekho for your TV servicing needs, you can expect:

- Expert Technicians: Our technicians know their work well; they diagnose your TV problems first and ensure they are rectified effectively.

- Prompt Service: To ensure timely and efficient service, we appreciate the need for a working TV system and cannot afford to neglect this modality in our technology.

- Quality Assurance: We work with genuine parts and follow the industry standards for high-quality repairs and installations.

- Convenience: Our doorstep service allows you to set appointments according to your schedule and with technicians who will come along armed and equipped.

You shouldn't let the issues you are having on your television ruin your entertainment. With NumberDekho, you can avail professional LCD/LED/OLED TV services that can efficiently diagnose and repair different television malfunctions, including blurry screens, flickered images, and sound tendencies with complex device setup problems. Whether it is a minor glitch or your TV has disappeared, we possess the knowledge and expertise to set things right with minimum delay.